When I left school I was unsure of the direction I wanted to go in life. I went to college for 3 years in South London studying motorcycle engineering which I really enjoyed. Whilst learning at college I was also racing motocross at a high competitive level and racing every weekend all over the UK which was great but at the time my fitness was something I was struggling with.

This is when I discovered boxing and really found what I needed to help me progress. I was boxing for about a year before I joined the army at 20. Leaving my racing career and putting boxing on hold I perused a journey into the unknown. The Army was by far one of the most challenging aspects of my life in so many different ways but it also made me who I am today. I was in 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery as an op. During my time at 1RHA I was a part of the Regimental boxing team, and also a part of the coaching staff another year.

Since leaving the army in September 2015 I have started racing again at local club meetings which has helped me with my transition back into civilian life.